The following is a list of scholarship, grant, and other opportunities for SUNY Plattsburgh students.  If you have something you would like to add, please contact us.

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Grants                          Pre-Health Schools
Internships                   Research Opportunities 
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Name:  MF Student Scholarship
Amount:  $100 - $500
Deadline:  April 20th, 2009
Link:  http://www.mfuri.org/scholarship_application.htm

Description:  The MF student scholarship is awarded each semester to students participating in research through the Methuselah Foundation Undergraduate Research Initiative.

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Name:  MFURI Student Grants
Amount:  $100 - $5,000
Deadline:  Recurring
Link:  http://www.mfuri.org/grant_application.htm

Description:  MFURI Student Grants are designed to support student research in areas of biomedical science related to longevity science.

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