Student Chapter of the Botanical Society of America

The Student Chapter of the Botanical Society at Plattsburgh State was originally created to

bring students with an interest in botany together. Once organized we realized that botany can be power. Not only can we share ideas and learn from each other,we have the opportunity to get the community involved with botany and science. Our main objective is to work with the community and children, through mentoring and community planting projects, to make people more appreciative and interested in botany. We feel that children are important and are most impacted by experiences with people willing to take on projects with them. We will be going to local schools and working with children K-12, in an attempt to create a community interest in botany as well as a community interest in our chapter.



The Plattsburgh State Botany Club welcomes you to be part of a fun and active club that helps promote the appreciation and understanding of plants, fungi and algae. The Botany Club is open to anyone who is interested in botany regardless of major. Those interested in pursing any careers in botany, joining the club can allow access to many internships, scholarships, research and job opportunities. Along with all these benefits, the botany club is a great way to make new friends and participate in exciting activities throughout the campus and Plattsburgh communities.


Come and have 'fun' with 'gus' !!!

Meetings are held every other Thursday nights at 8:30 in the Learning Center right next to the Computer Lab in Feinberg Library! We are always seated in the back right corner of the room. Also, keep a look out for group discussions on the latest news articles in botanical science.


Next Meeting is Wed, 30th see you there!!!


Plant of The Week

Passion Fruit

Passiflora edulis

Have a passion for passion fruit? Well you are out of luck if you live in cold regions, beacuse they only grow in tropical warm regions including Brazil, Australia, East Africa, Florida and many more warm nations. These fruits make popular drinks. Passion Fruit contain many seeds all enriched with vitamin c giving them their citric taste. One unique fact about Passion fruit is that they have a religous affinity. Spaniards in the catholic church often personified the fruit's feature including petals, anthers and even the vines of the plant. So next time you drink a passion fruit drink remember you are enjoying a heavenly drink.