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Traditionally drawing has been at the heart of visual expression—the initial apparition of the ideas—the final road map of the full conception. As this process disappeared in much of the avant-garde aesthetic, Kent remained a stalwart believer in the conceptual and expressionist power of the line. He is one of the great draftsmen of the 20th century taking the deco/modernist style of the 20’s and 30’s as his own.

This exhibition of 100 drawings from the Plattsburgh Collection of over 1,500 works helps explain these aspects of Kent’s work. It also makes apparent the level of maturity, which the Kent Collection is reaching at the Museum. Cecilia Esposito, as Curator, and David Driver, as preparator, have incorporated their professionalism into the process of handling material of this significance. The process has served as a museum teaching procedure with interns and apprentices serving as staff. A learning involvement of art appreciation from the objects in the show and museum professionalism from the production of the exhibition.

Edward R. Brohel, Director
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