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December 5, 2003 to February 13, 2004
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Amanda Mavis Agnew

Thumbnail Image 1. Untitled Pinhole, Photograph / Color Inkjet Print
Thumbnail Image 2. Untitled Diana, Photograph / Color Inkjet Print
Thumbnail Image 3. Untitled Pinhole, Photograph / Color Inkjet Print
Thumbnail Image 4. Untitled Diana, Photograph / Color Inkjet Print
Thumbnail Image 5. Untitled Diana, Photograph / Color Inkjet Print

The work I have contributed to the Sights By Six exhibition represents a new direction for me. My previous portfolios have consisted of more traditionally representational photographic work. At the start of my final semester at Plattsburgh State I wanted to both loosen up my style of taking images and challenge myself with a direction that I had yet to eplore. The direction of this work was partially influenced by my increased interest in movements of abstract painting. I wanted to explore similar concepts with photography. All of the images in this exhibition were taken with cameras often referred to as "toy cameras". Cheifly among the plastic cameras I used was the "Diana" camera, a plastic lens camera made in Hong Kong in the 1960s. They were sold in the United States as novelty items or given away as carnival prizes. I also used a wooden pinhole camera that photographs through a tiny, finely drilled hole in lieu of a lens. Using these cameras allowed me to infuse my work with the sense of spontaneity and chance. While these cameras are capable of producing sharply focused pictures, I intentionally used them to create unique images that embody the quality out of focus abstraction. The subjects of these images are less important than the abstract relationships between form and color within them. To achieve the scale I wanted for my final photographs, I printed them digitally; however images were not digitally created. They are represented as the film in my camera saw them.

Amanda Mavis Agnew

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