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Monique Ford
Thumbnail Image 13. Thin Line, oil painting
Thumbnail Image 14. Katie, oil painting
Thumbnail Image 15. Mind Numbing, oil painting
Thumbnail Image 16. Infinity, acrylic and charcoal
Thumbnail Image 17. Exchel, oil painting

As an artist I regard equal importance in the technical and conceptual aspects of my painting. I desire to communicate through the vehicle of painting; this is why my choice of what I paint is critical to me. The psychological language is created through interrelationships between the figures to their surroundings. My subjects consist of women who are close to my own age. I respond to and paint the psychological patterns evident in these women, and yet still aim to specify their individual qualities. Does the oppression of young women come from the external world, or from within? The figures are intended to represent moments of assertion or passivity, which can be understood through a context of culture and gender issues. I emphasize spontaneity and rhythm in my line oriented work. I have less interest in the illusionist properties of representation; instead I focus on color, patterns and a compression of space. My particular interest in Modernist issues in painting is evident in these choices as well as my insertion of arbitrary color. The palette is a priority in building the emotional context of the paintings. Baroque painting, cinematography and my own background in photography have had equal influences in the dramatic light on the work. Compositional and pictorial concerns depend on these same influences. My use of perspective, and intentional distortion of it enhance the images and their intimacy between the subject and the viewer. As a disciplined artist I hope to proceed with my conceptual visions and technical skill on a graduate level.

Monique Ford

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