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Natalie Gaines

Thumbnail Image 18. First Cut, oil painting
Thumbnail Image 19. First Bite, oil painting
Thumbnail Image 20. Love and Moment, oil painting
Thumbnail Image 21. Admiration of Meat, oil painting
Thumbnail Image 22. Judgement on a Throne, oil painting

My career at Plattsburgh State University culminates, finally, into one semester. My interests in academic subjects such as color and shape have grown into mature commentaries of psychology and personality. With these recent works I am exposing my audience to the personal voyage I have endured through my inquisition of my place in this universe and a 135-pound woman. Now, more than ever, I understand the place that weight, intimacy and honesty have in my life.

This series of paintings are private examinations of indulgent and simultaneously necessary moments. Whether it be devouring succulent pork of using the toilet, I prod into the real intentions of these moments as incredible, yet overlooked and undervalued experiences. Hegemonic values close our minds, as they are a way of thinking that involves delving no deeper into reality than the surface. The way we react to these paintings is a direct reflection of the way we react to ourselves. I have deemed my job as both a feminist and amazingly also a human being to give to viewers my experience, my love, and my eyes in hopes that they are used deliberately and outwardly.

Natalie Gaines

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