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Jessica Griffin
Thumbnail Image 23.Comfort, photograph / inkjet print
Thumbnail Image 24. Worn, photograph / inkjet print
Thumbnail Image 25. Embraced, photograph / inkjet print
Thumbnail Image 26. Up Tight, photograph / inkjet print
Thumbnail Image 27. Curious, photograph / inkjet print
Thumbnail Image 28. Revealed, photograph / inkjet print

Within the past several years, photography has enabled me to experiment with not only creating images, but trying to recreate energies that flow through me and into my work as well. Photography has allowed me to search within myself and find answers regarding not only who I am now, but to also explore who I would like to become. My photography is a window that helps me to peer into my innermost thoughts, which then take on a visual life of their own. My images and choice of subject have matured along with my thought process. They help me to examine and appreciate the different aspects and potential of each object I choose to place in my images.

I have found that the subject matter I choose to include in my photographs is something that compliments both my thoughts and personality at that time. They are a way to confront the thoughts that lead me through each day, always searching for another object or concept that catches my attention and ignites my imagination. The process of developing a comfortable concept is triggered by objects or environments that appeal to my mood at that given time, and proceeds from there. I thoroughly enjoy working with materials such as twine and handmade papers, because I am attracted to their organic feel and different textures, as well as their color. I associate mood with color in my photography. To me, it is an understandable way to express what exists in my mind. My most recent images have introduced me to a comfortable understanding of my photographs that I didn't even know had existed. Although color has been my emphasis recently, the absence of color motivates more exploration with shadows as well as composition.

Photography has become a part of who I am, and has enabled me to combine both imagination with reality. It intensifies my desire to create and recreate opportunities I either stumble across or strive to reach. It allows me to communicate my interest in both the interactions and relationships between the subject(s) I choose to develop and in its entirety, depicts my own individuality.

Jessica Griffin

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