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Kahoru Otani
Thumbnail Image 29. Mandala I, Relief Print
Thumbnail Image 30. Mandala II, Relief Print
Thumbnail Image 31. Mandala III, Relief Print
Thumbnail Image 32. Time, acrylic on canvas
Thumbnail Image 33. Sphere, acrylic on canvas
Thumbnail Image34. Seeds, acrylic on canvas

I have been on the semester-long journey to find my origin. 'What made me what I am today?' I kept asking myself. Instead of discovering one single truth that pins down my existence, the question revealed the complexity of it. So many people and things sustain me as a human being, as a woman and as a printmaker. I decided to organize them in the form of a Mandala, in order to understand the world atound and within myself. These prints especially dedicated to three people who are most important in my life today.

Mandala is is an ancient hanging scroll representing two kinds of world in the Buddhism concept for worship. One depicts Taizo-kai (World Womb) and the other depicts Kongo-kai (Diamond World). My Mandalas are based on Taizo-kai Mandala. It is composed of twelve rooms and each one expresses many faces of Buddha nature and by extension human nature from the viewpoint of the Buddha's compassion. All living things on this earth are babies of Buddha; He loves people as a mother loves her baby in her womb. Just as a seed grows, blossoms into a flower and bears fruit, Buddhism nourishes our mind and leads us to spiritual awakening.

Through this journey, I have been trying to go back where I came from. However, I realized that the origin is not something under the veil of mist at the very beginning of my life. It is a truth that we find on the way to somewhere in our lives. So my journey still continues and my Mandala keeps changing.

Kahoru Otani

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