Permanent Collection:Act IV
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Theodorus S t a m o s

20. Infinity Field (One in a series of eight), 1966, #73/75, screenprint, 36 x 34, 81.2.14

21. Infinity Series Vii, Viii (A), 1966, artist proof, screenprint, 40 x 32, 81.2.40

22. Infinity Series Vii, Viii (B), 1966, #55/75, screenprint, 40 x 32, 81.2.40

23. Infinity Field VII, 1966, #31/75, screenprint, 36 x 34, 81.2.56

24. Infinity Field VII artist proof, 1966, A.P., screenprint, 36 x 34, 81.2.57

25. Infinity Field (VIII), 1966, #75/75, screenprint, 34 x 36, 81.2.58

26. Blue On Purple, 1966, #12/21, screenprint, 34 x 36, 81.2.118

27. Infinity Field Green on Pink, 1966, #39/75, screenprint, 29 x 37, 81.2.119

28. Red Square (Maquette for Tapestry), paper collage, 42 x 33, 91.12.19

29. Green Over Orange (Maquette for Tapestry), paper collage, 26 x 19, 91.12.20

30. Blue Top Hat (Maquette for Tapestry), paper collage, 16 x 19, 91.12.21

31. Orange Field (Maquette For Tapestry), paper collage, 19 x 21, 91.12.22

32. Blue With Pink (Maquette for Tapestry), paint and paper on cardboard, 25 x 21, 91.12.23

33. White Cloud on Yellow Field (Maquette), paper collage, 23 x 26, 91.12.24

34. Aerial View (Maquette for Tapestry), paint, cardboard on cardboard, 34 x 25, 91.12.25

35. Yellow With Blue Edges (Maquette for Tapestry), paper on cardboard, 43 x 31, 91.12.26

36. Infinity Field (Maquette for Tapestry), paper on back of photograph, 17 x 22, 91.12.34

AMERICAN, Born: New York, NY

EDUCATION: Studied sculpture under Simon Kennedy and Joseph Kouzal at the American Artist School, NY 1936.

TEACHING: Lecturer, School of Fine Arts, Columbia University, NY, 1966; Professor, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA, 1967-68.

AWARDS: National Institute of Arts and Letters Award, NY, 1956; Brandeis University Creative Arts Award, 1959; Mainichi Newspaper Prize, Tokyo International, 1967; National Arts Foundation Award, Washington, D.C. 1967.

EXHIBITIONS: Include the Whitney Annual, NY, 1945; Biennale, Tokyo, 1961; Museum Of Modern Art, NY; Whitney Museum, NY; Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY; Hirschhorn Museum, Washington, D.C., and the Tel Aviv Museum, Israel.

Along with such painters as Baziotes and Rothko, Stamos (as he prefers to be called) painted biomorphic subject matter in thin washes of pigment. Stamos continues to probe the limits of abstraction and combines this exploration with a traditional emphasis to painterly concerns. His strengths as an artist lie in his complex and powerful handling of color.
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Permanent Collection:Act IV
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