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My paintings are derived from my experiences and how they resonate in the present. When I paint it is a physical and mental act of quick, decisive, agile strokes. Color choices are extracted arbitrarily from the subject matter and interpreted by the viewer. My paintings are not systematically preconceived, but arrive at a natural authoritative conclusion.

Image: Felt

2012, oil,
24 x 24
Image: Understanding

2012, oil,
24 x 30
Image: Deceive

2012, oil,
24 x 30
Image: Confrontation

2012, oil,
24 x 18
Image: Into The Dawning

Into The Dawning,
2012, oil,
24 x 18
Image: Texture of Being

Texture of Being,
2011, oil,
15.75 x 26
Image: Innocence

2011, oil,
60 x 60
Image: Fatale

2012, oil,
48 x 53
Image: Becoming

2012, oil,
30 x 60
Image: Recoil

2012, oil,
48 x 84
Image: Initial

2011, oil,
14 x 18
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The BFA Studio and Museum Studies Minor Class of 2012 would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for their assistance in the planning, execution and support of this exhibition and catalogue.

Plattsburgh State Student Association
College Auxiliary Services
Office of the President, Vice Presidents, and Dean of Arts & Science
Friends of Art
Winkel Endowment

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