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Museum Studies
Minor Program

Umberto Angilletta
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Umberto Angilletta
Museum Studies Minor Program

People are compelled to explore, it is the urge that has always driven our lives. All people have a natural tendency to be curious, a trend that has encouraged us to examine, to question, express and to create. Our advances stem from our knowledge of, and experiences with the past, and our most invaluable resources for the arts, science and technology, history, and heritage are our remnants of the past. Civilizations have long understood the significance of these articles, and have promoted their exhibition and preservation with esteem. From durable marble sculptures, the paintings and photographs that memorialize an instance or emotion, and to the manufactures built to last, much of what man creates is done with the intention that it will outlast one’s own time. Museums simultaneously safeguard and make accessible the records of our world, the testaments to our ingenuity. Although we in the Museum Studies program come from diverse fields of study, we have all found common ground in the wish to assume an active role in promoting the inspiration, education, and enjoyment that museums have offered to innumerable people.

Japanese Print Collection

The Courtesan, a female courtier; Bijin, a generic term for pictures of beautiful women; and images from The Taiheiki, a Japanese historical epic written in the late 14th century; are some of the woodblock prints on view from the museum’s permanent collection in the Slatkin Study Room. Curated by the Museum Studies Minors, several images are recent acquisitions by the Student Association (SA) of SUNY Plattsburgh. The acquisition committee, made up of students, faculty and staff selected woodblock prints from the Ukiyo-e, a genre of Japanese woodblock prints produced between the 17th and the 20th centuries, in the Fall of 2011. The Museum Minors selected to works, conducted research and developed didactic material to help viewers to understand the culture of the period, the method of making the prints and how they were used.

Image: Heroic Stories of the Taiheki Kuniyoshi
Heroic Stories of the Taiheki
ca. 1848
14 x 10.5”
Image: Bijin Eizan
ca. 1820’s
15.25 x 10.25”
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The BFA Studio and Museum Studies Minor Class of 2012 would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for their assistance in the planning, execution and support of this exhibition and catalogue.

Plattsburgh State Student Association
College Auxiliary Services
Office of the President, Vice Presidents, and Dean of Arts & Science
Friends of Art
Winkel Endowment

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Shawna Armstrong, Anastasia Lewis

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