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Plattsburgh State University
John Platt Myers Fine Arts Building
Lobby Gallery & Joseph C. & Joan T. Burke Gallery
April 11 – May 16, 2015
Senior B.F.A. 2015 Exhibtion B.F.A. Major

Nancy Armitage
Cora Beebee
Daniel Burns
Briana Elizabeth Casey
Denis Cruz Jr.
Angela Filangeri
Luis Guadalupe
Laura Hildevert
Janelle Lea Holder
Jessica Karszen
Tiffany Marie Kelley
Courtney Lane McCrary Lebow
Sarah Masciale
Hillary Miranda
Cory Sempler
Aspen Stroinski
Jake Warner
Museum Studies Minor
Andrew Buckser
Dean, School of Arts and Sciences

The Spring B.F.A. Exhibition at SUNY Plattsburgh represents a series of exciting opportunities for members of our community. For our graduating seniors, it offers a chance to show the world the fruits of four years of intense technical study and creative development. For beginning art students, it offers a glimpse of what their own work can become; for the Plattsburgh community, it offers an introduction to the breadth and vitality of the College’s art program. For me, it offers simply a chance to spend time with a wonderful selection of new art in a wide range of media, styles, and techniques. In years to come, the larger world will get to know some of these artists very well, and it’s exciting to get the chance to encounter their early creations.

To the artists, congratulations on this superb collection of work. To the faculty, museum staff, and families who have supported them, thanks for the critical roles you have played in their development. And to the Plattsburgh and North Country communities, welcome to what I know you will find to be an enriching and thought-provoking artistic experience.

Cecilia M. Esposito
Director, Plattsburgh State Art Museum

The Museum is a program of the College with a mission to collect, study, preserve, exhibit, interpret, and publish original works of art; to advance the academic goals of the College; and to contribute to the campus climate of the College and the cultural education of the northern New York and southeastern Canadian region.
The Museum is pleased to present the creative work of the B.F.A. class of 2015 and the exhibition of work from the permanent collection, curated by the Museum Studies Minors.
The Art Studio students have invested an enormous amount of time over the past four years to discover the medium that best illustrates their inner self and present it to us, the viewer, for inspiration. The Museum Studies Minors come from various programs on campus including History, Anthropology, Art History, and the sciences, with a goal of working in a museum.
Members of the class have worked together on the development and execution of the exhibits and the accompanying publications and programs. With the dedicated support of their faculty sponsors, all of the B.F.A. students have shown maturity and growth in their work that will prepare them for advanced study in their area of concentration.
The Plattsburgh State Art Museum staff takes great pride in our collaboration with the department faculty to present to you, our viewers, the achievements of our students.
To our students, we offer our congratulations.

Norman Taber
Chair Art Department

For the Senior Studio B.F.A. students this exhibition is the culmination of years of study, hard work, self-reflection and persistence. Though this show is a requirement for graduating students completing the B.F.A., It has also become an attraction for patrons of the arts, as it provides an opportunity to see innovative and creative work by promising young artists. As a faculty we look forward with great eagerness to this show, as it brings the best of our students’ work together. Faculty sponsors have worked with this graduating class to highlight work from diverse areas such as ceramics, drawing, graphic design, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture.
The faculty joins me as we congratulate our students on their achievement, a result of countless hours of studio work and study. These artists have shown great character and dedication, they have been persistent in honing their technical skills and combining them with personal expression to create works that are representative of in-depth study in pursuit of perfection of their skills. The depth of their intellectual capability, aesthetic judgment, and creative output is well expressed in this exhibition.
The faculty of the Art Department would also like to express our gratitude to the Director and staff of the Plattsburgh State Art Museum for their time and effort required for this event, and for guiding the students through to its successful conclusion. We appreciate all they do in support of the students. The SUNY Plattsburgh Art Department invites the college and community to enjoy our students' work and to join us in congratulating them on this impressive achievement.

This exhibition is funded in part by the Student Association, Winkel Endowment, Friends of Art, and the State of New York

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