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Plattsburgh State University
John Platt Myers Fine Arts Building
Lobby Gallery & Joseph C. & Joan T. Burke Gallery
April 11 – May 16, 2015
Museum Studies Minor

Museums have become a vital and important aspect of education. The field of Museum Studies is an everlasting experience, full of intriguing applications and techniques. Originally, the Greeks called a museum, mouseion, translated literally as “Temple of the Muses.” Culturally we have strengthened this idea of a building devoted to learning and the arts. As our museum studies advance our knowledge, so it expands and embraces history, artifacts, and art of the past. From the age of antiquity we have treasured and preserved what society has created.

We are excited to be a part of the B.F. A. 2015. We have been given the opportunity to display and practice our knowledge of the complex world of museums. We want to sincerely thank the Plattsburgh State Art Museum and each artist who has been involved in the exhibition.

Sydney Leighton-Ryan
Alicia Sansone

Abstract Expressionism from the Permanent Collection

Abstract Expressionism is a post-World War II arts movement starting in the 1940s. The movement began in New York, making this the first American arts movement to become international. This style of art was based on spontaneous, automatic or subconscious creation. The abstract expressionist artists used emotions to illustrate their paintings, sculptures and other forms of media. The paintings do not depict a certain topic but convey what the artist is feeling emotionally and expressively.

Wassily Kandinsky
The Archer
6.5 x 6”
Wassily Kandinsky, 
The Archer

Nancy Armitage
Cora Beebee
Daniel Burns
Briana Elizabeth Casey
Denis Cruz Jr.
Angela Filangeri
Luis Guadalupe
Laura Hildevert
Janelle Lea Holder
Jessica Karszen
Tiffany Marie Kelley
Courtney Lane McCrary Lebow
Sarah Masciale
Hillary Miranda
Cory Sempler
Aspen Stroinski
Jake Warner
Museum Minor

This exhibition is funded in part by the Student Association, Winkel Endowment, Friends of Art, and the State of New York

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