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Plattsburgh State University
John Platt Myers Fine Arts Building
Lobby Gallery & Joseph C. & Joan T. Burke Gallery
April 11 Ė May 16, 2015
Cora Beebee

My thoughts, feelings, secrets, and the inner workings of my being all come into existence when my pencil hits the paper. I choose my process based on the feeling I am trying to convey, the emotions I am trying to evoke, such as a sense of calmness or an unsettling feeling of discomfort. I use watercolors for their fluidity and hues. I utilize the exquisite blues, alluring greens, and elegant purples created by watercolors in my softer and more serene drawings when I want the viewer to feel a sense of peace and ease. To elicit feelings of uneasiness I exploit the vibrant reds and warm oranges paired with drips and splatters that are achievable with such a predominantly liquid medium. The use of charcoal and graphite combines with my subject matter to create a rigid, more definitive look, a solid image with a harrowing feeling. The juxtaposition of delicate watercolors and the coarse dry media creates a strong dichotomy in the work. The watercolors embody the softer side of me, depicting my happiness and my relaxed personality. The dark, dry media enable me to achieve the darkest blacks and sharp, solid lines, which help me exemplify the negative emotions I sometimes feel.

As for my prints, I donít delve as deeply into myself as I do with my drawings. The calming feeling of drawing into the zinc plate, knowing that the end result is going to be soft, velvety lines is therapeutic. I benefit from the tranquil sensations of rubbing the ink onto the plate, feeling the tarlatan glide over the smooth surface of the zinc, and watching as the image Iíve created appears slowly from behind the mask of the thick ink. There is no more satisfying surprise than seeing your print come out of the press for the first time. Printmakers all around the world will agree that occasionally the result isnít what was expected, or perhaps isnít a good surprise, but that is what keeps us going. It gives us the drive to go back into the plate and possibly create something completely different than anticipated. It also gives us a reason to continue to create; to get that excited feeling when pulling the paper off of the plate and seeing what your mind and two hands have composed.

Signature Graphic

Self Portrait, 2014
Self Portrait
8 x 16Ē
So Heavy All the Time, 2014
So Heavy All the Time
charcoal, watercolor, and india ink
20 x 26Ē
Where I Want to Be:Self Portrait, 2014
Where I Want to Be: Self Portrait
Where I Want to Be:Charm, 2014
Where I Want to Be: Charm
Where I Want to Be:Harmony, 2015
Where I Want to Be: Harmony
Where I Want to Be:Strength, 2015
Where I Want to Be: Strength
Where I Want to Be:Comfort, 2015
Where I Want to Be: Comfort
Where I Am Coming From:The Other Half, 2014
Where I Am Coming From: The Other Half
gouache, charcoal, india ink
Where I Am Coming From:So Heavy All The Time, 2014
Where I Am Coming From: So Heavy All The Time
gouache, charcoal, india ink
Where I Am Coming From:Letting Go, 2015
Where I Am Coming From: Letting Go
india ink, gouache
Where I Am Coming From:Moving On, 2015
Where I Am Coming From: Moving On
india ink, gouache, watercolor
Where I Am Coming From:Healing, 2015
Where I Am Coming From: Healing
Where I Am Coming From:Alone, 2015
Where I Am Coming From: Alone
gouache, charcoal

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Cora Beebee
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Museum Minor

This exhibition is funded in part by the Student Association, Winkel Endowment, Friends of Art, and the State of New York

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