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Plattsburgh State University
John Platt Myers Fine Arts Building
Lobby Gallery & Joseph C. & Joan T. Burke Gallery
April 11 May 16, 2015
Denis Cruz Jr.

I believe that play is a very important part of my creative process. It allows me to experiment with different techniques and methods until I become comfortable with them and they become my own. The more I explore the possibilities within my work, the more I learn and grow as an artist. This leads to new working methods that I can put into my metaphorical tool belt. With my growing skills, I can more successfully connect with the viewer.

I am inspired by the world around us. The fast paced movement of everyday life is constantly changing and I feel we may have become blind to what may be changing for the worse. Often too busy with the superficial aspects of life, we are pulled into social media and become more isolated and distracted. Too concerned with finding differences and focusing on points of disagreement, we forget about the cultural lessons that we have to offer each other. In the series of works I created for this show, I hope to bring these issues to light in a simple and thoughtful way and to urge the viewer to reflect on how they engage with their surroundings.

Signature Graphic

Warrior Series: Knight, 2015
Warrior Series: Knight
reduction linocut
17 x 7"
Isolation, 2015
digital print
13 x 19"
Socialis: Isolation, 2015
Socialis: Isolation
digital print
Socialis: Revelation, 2015
Socialis: Revelation
digital print
Socialis: Liberation, 2015
Socialis: Liberation
digital print
Warrior: Samurai, 2015
Warrior: Samurai
reduction linocut
Warrior: Viking, 2015
Warrior: Viking
reduction linocut
Warrior: Knight, 2015
Warrior: Knight
reduction linocut
Warrior: Persian, 2015
Warrior: Persian
reduction linocut
Warrior: Aztec, 2015
Warrior: Aztec
reduction linocut
Last Hope: Departure, 2015
Last Hope: Departure
digital print
Last Hope: Exploration, 2015
Last Hope: Exploration
digital print
Last Hope: Unity, 2015
Last Hope: Unity
digital print

Nancy Armitage
Cora Beebee
Daniel Burns
Briana Elizabeth Casey
Denis Cruz Jr.
Angela Filangeri
Luis Guadalupe
Laura Hildevert
Janelle Lea Holder
Jessica Karszen
Tiffany Marie Kelley
Courtney Lane McCrary Lebow
Sarah Masciale
Hillary Miranda
Cory Sempler
Aspen Stroinski
Jake Warner
Museum Minor

This exhibition is funded in part by the Student Association, Winkel Endowment, Friends of Art, and the State of New York

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