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Plattsburgh State University
John Platt Myers Fine Arts Building
Lobby Gallery & Joseph C. & Joan T. Burke Gallery
April 11 May 16, 2015
Luis Guadalupe

Both graphic design and printmaking have inspired an exchange of ideas and principles in my art. In my design work, the importance of the human hand and the subtle imperfections that are a result of work done manually, rather than digitally, is celebrated. Printmaking has inspired the use of textures and patterns in my designs, while the methodical construction, layout, and simple beauty that are characteristic of graphic design have become an ever-present aspect of my work.

Signature Graphic

Destination Hornsworth:High Wheeler, 2014
Destination Hornsworth:High Wheeler
digital print and relief
15 x 20"
Compendium , 2015
Destination Hornsworth: Welcome, 2015
Destination Hornsworth: Welcome
digital print, relief
Destination Hornsworth: Hot Air Balloon, 2015
Destination Hornsworth: Hot Air Balloon
digital print, relief
Destination Hornsworth: Train, 2015
Destination Hornsworth: Train
digital print, relief
Destination Hornsworth: High Wheeler, 2015
Destination Hornsworth: High Wheeler
digital print, relief
Destination Hornsworth: Convertible, 2015
Destination Hornsworth: Convertible
digital print, relief
Destination Hornsworth: Goodbye, 2015
Destination Hornsworth: Goodbye
digital print, relief
Destination Hornsworth: Hornsworth, 2015
Destination Hornsworth: Hornsworth
relief print
Modern Sin Wrath, 2015
Modern Sin Wrath
digital print
Modern Sin Gluttony, 2015
Modern Sin Gluttony
digital print
Modern Sin Lust, 2015
Modern Sin Lust
digital print

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Museum Minor

This exhibition is funded in part by the Student Association, Winkel Endowment, Friends of Art, and the State of New York

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