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Thirteen and Twenty Three, 2010, steel, 24 x 44 x 12

I use planar movements contrasted with negative space to evoke presence. I employ direction, tension and line to achieve movement. During my process, my work evolves in accordance with my mind state. I infuse my intentions and concepts into the physicality and form. My affinity for each piece is within the moments that created it; in completion, I capture a convergence of moments in tangible space.

Philip Negri

Link, 2009, steel, 27x76x31
Link, 2009, steel, 27x76x31"
Limit, 2010, steel, 54x34x26
Limit, 2010, steel, 54x34x26"
Aristocracy, Democracy, Tyranny, 2010, steel, 23x33x13
Aristocracy, Democracy, Tyranny, 2010, steel, 23x33x13"
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