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Ashley Bartlett
Vincent Conti
Kaitlyn Donovan
Tara Grasso
William Haining
Althea Holmes
Mason Hurley
Stephanie Klena
Brian Larose
Cody LeClair
Kenny McLaughlin
Kaycee McLean
Deni Medina
Jessica Minckler
Philip Negri
Wyatt Peterson
Jacob Premo
Jason Roth
Timothy Walker
Saraphina Wall
Courtney Yanulavich

Museum Studies Minor
Catalogue Design
Art Department
Art Museum

Karen Blough
Chair, Art Department

The Senior Art Exhibition is an annual event showcasing the talents and accomplishments of the BFA. graduating class of the SUNY Plattsburgh Art Department. The participants exhibit works in a variety of media, including painting, drawing, printmaking, graphic design, photography, ceramics, and sculpture. The show represents the culmination of the students’ undergraduate education, which begins with a broadly based introductory curriculum in the visual arts and art history and builds towards the body of work presented here. The students are to be commended for their devotion to their art and for the many long hours of studio and classroom effort necessary to achieve such excellent results. These emerging artists are also responsible for the conception and realization of the show, including the production of this catalogue. Their intellectual capability, aesthetic judgment, and creative strength are thus well represented in every aspect of the exhibit.

The faculty of the Art Department would also like to convey its gratitude to the Director and staff of the Plattsburgh State Art Museum for their assistance in bringing this project to fruition. Their generous expenditure of time and effort on our students’ behalf is much appreciated.

The SUNY Plattsburgh Art Department invites the college and community to enjoy our students’ exciting work and to join us in congratulating them on this impressive achievement.

Cecilia M. Esposito
Director, Plattsburgh State Art Museum

The museum is pleased to present the creative work of the BFA Class of 2010. The students have invested an enormous amount of time over the past four years to discover the medium that best illustrates their inner lives and present it to us, the viewer, for inspiration.

Members of the class have worked together on the development and execution of this exhibit and the accompanying publication and programs. With the dedicated support of their Art Department faculty sponsors, each student has shown maturity and growth in their work that will prepare them for advanced study in their area of concentration.

The Plattsburgh State Art Museum staff takes great pride in our collaboration with Art Department faculty to present the achievements of our students.

To our students, we offer our congratulations.

Erik B Genalo
Andrea M Sheerer
Denise M Treacy
Museum Study Minors and Senior BFA Exhibition Co-coordinators

As Museum Studies Minors, we have learned so much about our field. Through the many different internships that we have all held and our diverse majors, we have been able to put what we’ve learned to the test in a real museum setting. But, for us, the BFA show is a new and exciting opportunity because, even through we have learned so much from our past experiences, this is something that is very new to all of us. Now we get to work on a show that involves our peers and get to work closely with them, as well.

We are now able to take the skills that we have amassed from both our classroom experiences and from our internships and put them into this project. It’s a whole different experience when you work with your peers because each of us has something different to bring to the table, and from having many classes together we have come to know each other and work well with one another. We are very grateful to both to the Plattsburgh State Art Museum and the Art Department for allowing us the opportunity to have this much involvement in the BFA show. For us, this hands-on experience is a critical tool to help us learn even more about the museum field and provides us with the beginning steps in a career in the museum field. We’re proud to be a part of all we have done for SUNY Plattsburgh’s Museum Studies Minor and look forward to applying this knowledge in other internships and also in our future careers.
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The Senior BFA Art Exhibition Class of 2010 would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for their assistance in the planning, execution and support of this exhibition and catalogue.

Dr. Peter Conrad & Janice Marchut Conrad
George and Nina Winkel Endowment
Plattsburgh State Art Museum Friends of Art
Special Program Funds, Offices of the President and Vice-Presidents
College Auxiliary Services
State of New York
Student Association; Jacob Premo, Vice-President for the Arts
Phil Gramling, Queen City Printers
The Faculty and Staff of the Art Department
The Staff of the Art Museum
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Catalogue Design
Vincent Conti
Kenny McLaughlin
Kaitlyn Donovan
Althea Holmes
Kaycee McLean
Courtney Yanulavich
David Driver (website)
Exhibition Management
Erik Genalo
Andrea Sheerer
Denise Treacy

Production Notes
Font: Helvetica, Public Gothic Square
Full Color
Printed in an edition of 1000
Queen City Printers Inc. Burlington, Vt.
Copyright © 2010 Plattsburgh State Art Museum
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The Plattsburgh State Art Department awards two art studio degrees: the B.F.A. and the B.A. The B.F.A. is an intensive professional degree that prepares students for careers in art or graduate study in fine arts or graphic design. The B.A. degree permits students to combine in-depth study in studio art with broader liberal studies, a second major, or a minor. Every art major elects at least one studio area of concentration with a focus on building a mature level of creative expression.

Art Department Faculty and Staff

Karen Blough, PH.D, Art History, Chair
Dennis Costanzo, Ph.D, Art History
Diane Fine, Printmaking
Andrew Goerlitz, Sculpture
Sue Lezon, Photography
Beryl Matthews, Ceramics
Richard Mikkelson, Drawing and Painting
W. David Powell, Graphic Design
Peter Russom, Drawing and Painting
Norman Taber, Graphic Design
Kim Hall-Stone, Secretary

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State University of New York College at Plattsburgh prepares a diverse student population for a wide range of professional careers by providing undergraduates with a strong foundation in the liberal arts, graduate students with advanced professional preparation, and all students with a citizenship within a global community.

We take advantage of the natural surroundings including Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Mountains, in selected academic programs and courses, in recreational activities, and in community involvement and services.

The Plattsburgh State Art Museum is comprised of over 10,000 works of art and artifacts in several permanent collections ranging from antiquities to contemporary art. The collections are displayed within our main galleries, a developing sculpture park and exhibition areas throughout campus in our Museum Without Walls program.

Art Museum Staff

Cecilia M. Esposito, Director
David Driver, Preparator-Collections Manager
Marguerite Eisinger, Docent Coordinator-Kent Collector Editor
Eric Rucker, Museum Collections Specialist
Marge Quesnell, Secretary

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