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James Lahey

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Field with Standing Water in Summer #010823-04, 2001
Oil on canvas - 24 x 24 inches
Collection Of The Artist
"The photograph has been a source for painters since the appearance of the camera, and many of Lahey's paintings begin with photographic notes. They are, in simple terms, memory aids ; but rather than using them as the basis for a meticujous transcription (the non-style of what has been called photo-realism), he sees a way of reinvesting sight into the pictorial tradition and a particular chemistry, the fingerprint of paint on canvas rather than the light sensitivity of silver. Lahey has never offered a photograph as a comparison, and I have never asked to see them. I know they exist and believe that they are, at thesame time, essential and fundamentally irrelevant to the painting in its final form."

Ibor Holubizky, James Lahey, 2000

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