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Jacques Payette

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Il se détache de ce qu'il nomme, 1999
Encaustic and charcoal on paper and linen
36 x 48 inches
Collection Of The Artist
History is a subject that Payette obviously enjoys - from the use of his materials to the subjects he chooses in this body of work. This 18th century costume reminds us of its importance as a statement, not only of elegance and wealth, but also status and, therefore, power. Indeed, the gay coat does make the gentleman.

Encaustic is a difficult medium because it must be manipulated quickly before it is allowed to dry. The actual artistic process is also somewhat evocative of history - layer upon layer is laid down upon itself until it reaches the desired texture and richness. The draughtsmanship in this painting is a testament to Payette's innate talent and skill and creates a rich contrast to the luxuriously painted surface of the doublet.

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