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Paul Béliveau

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Chronique X, 2001
Acrylic on canvas - 16 x 16 inches
Collection Of The Artist
Béliveau was born in 1954 and received his BFA from Laval University in 1977. He has been the feature of many solo exhibitions across Canada and his works are in many public and private collections. Some fifteen of his works have been acquired for "art in public places" projects.

Béliveau's treatment of the surface gives a lush and appealing quality to what is normally a dry and rather plastic-looking medium. His tribute to art history is made all the more interesting by the repetition of forms - the carousel echoing the shape and texture of the Colosseum - in a somewhat referential projection of self. Is this also a suggestion or somewhat wry commentary on longevity, usefulness, and obsolescence? Is it not also a clever reference to the traditions upon which all art is based?

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