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Paul Béliveau

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Chronique XVII,
Acrylic on canvas - 72 x 48 inches
Collection Of The Artist
This clear allusion to European traditions in architecture and scholarship is admirably done and suggests that the viewer is actually part of the action - that the spectator might step right into the picture plane and be drawn right into the great black apertures in the ruined cathedral. Does the butterfly in the box remind you of the act of collecting, holding on to the past? Is there the suggestion of the evanescence of all human activity?

"The creative art involves - in every instance - because it is an act of projection, recapturing the past, not in the least to simply return to it but rather to transfigure it"… "It is not the images themselves but the unique process of creative development which accords Paul Béliveau's works their originality and relevance.

Dany Quine, L'oeuvre du temps, 1996

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