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Paul Fenniak

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Escape from the Creeping Ultra-Violet, 2001
Oil on canvas - 60 x 48 inches
Collection of Dr. Norman Tepper
"One of the things Paul Fenniak does when he paints is this: he shows us how things look - a piece of cloth, for instance: the texture, the moisture, the dryness, the weave, the fuzziness or the hardness of the cloth. It is particular" "Paul Fenniak's academic training gave him a rigorous aesthetic, philosophical and historical foundation, but as a painter, he did not learn his present manner in art school. He learned it himself through first-hand study of Rembrandt, Jan van Eyck, Rogier van der Weyden, Max Beckmann, Louis Corinth and Stanley Spencer, among others. Travels to the Gothic cathedrals of France and England with their luminous walls of stained glass and soaring pillars inspired him. Architectural principles (weight and tension) still inform his compositions."

Tom Hopkins

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