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Tom Hopkins

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Plato's Glass, 1997
drypoint, spitbite, lift ground, with hand colouring
16 x 15 inches Edition B.A.T.
Collection of the Artist
In August , 1997, Tom Hopkins worked for ten days with master-printer Jack Shirreff and his assistant Andrew Smith at 107 Workshop in Wiltshire, England. Combining the techniques of drypoint on plastic sheet and spitbite and aquatint on copper, they produced two fine intaglio prints.

"I've always liked the concept of Plato's chair and Plato's cave - ideal objects and places, the idea of illusion, a visible image of a smoky kind of reality in which we appear to live and which is not as real as we think. It's why I tend to use many types of perspective. And of course, tension is always a presence: warm against cool, savage versus order, water in nature against water imprisoned, "civilized" in a bowl or container."

Tom Hopkins, 1997

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