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Director's Statement

Dr. Richard Beach, the previous Director of Canadian Studies, and I began to collaborate on Canadian Art projects during the exhibition of Inuit Art in 1995. In the Fall of 1999, we revisited the possibility of more shared projects because we felt it was entirely fitting for us here at Plattsburgh. Canada and Northern New York State are bound by close ties of geography, genealogy, shared economic interests, and resources. Because they are the closest cities with museums and art communities, Montréal, Québec, and Ottawa are also important field trip destinations for our Visual Arts and Museum Studies students, as well as for students in Canadian Studies. We are very happy that Dr. Beach's successor, Dr. Nancy Church, has collaborated with us on the present exhibition which features the work of René Pierre Allain, Paul Béliveau, Martin Bureau, Tom Dean, Eric Demers, Paul Fenniak, Tom Hopkins, Sophie Jodoin, Peter Krausz, James Lahey, Jacques Payette, Donna Shvil, Kevin Sonmor, and Marion Wagschal.

We would like to express our gratitude to Jacques and Helen Bellefeuille, Mr. Joey Basmaji, Mr. Anthony Collins, Mr. Andrés Duran, M. Fauteux, M. Guy Fortin, Mr. Sidney Horn, Dr. Norman Tepper, Dr. and Mrs. Abraham Wexler, Paula Wyant, and the artists themselves for graciously agreeing to loan works for this exhibition.

Our deepest appreciation is extended to Anthony Collins from Galerie de Bellefeuille, who acted as Guest Curator with Jacqueline Hébert Stoneberger. Anthony's assistance in identifying work, providing information, and acting as liaison has been invaluable. He has been both patient and gracious and, despite his hectic schedule, has never failed to respond to our requests in a prompt and generous fashion. Jacqueline brings years of professional experience, knowledge and ability to her task. Actuated by great sources of energy, she materialized this special exhibition - our appreciation!

We must also acknowledge Dave Driver for his excellent preparation of the exhibition and the building of the website; Marge Coughlin for her steady organization; and both of them for coordinating the activities of the many students who participated in the mounting of the exhibition, particularly Dan Lindsey, Katie McMahon, Stephanie Smith, Margaret Strack, Alice Jolly, Natalie Gaines, and John Wayne Johnston.

Edward R. Brohel, Director
November 11, 2001

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