Rhythm, Repetition and Verse, Recent Prints, Drawings, and Artistís Books by Diane Fine
Plattsburgh State Art Museum Home Page Burke Gallery July 18 - October 18, 2009
State University of New York College at Plattsburgh
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An Essay by Carole Slatkin. Enter Essay. Image: Translation, Oliver 3, mixed media, collaboration with Pati Scobey, 8 x 16 inches, 2007
Translation, Oliver 3, mixed media, collaboration with Pati Scobey, 8 x 16 inches, 2007


Rhythm, Repetition and Verse, marks what, seemingly overnight, became twenty years of teaching here at SUNY Plattsburgh. I want to acknowledge the support I have received from the college administration throughout that time. I thank my colleagues in the Art Department whose professionalism and heartfelt commitment to art-making and teaching has been an inspiring and rewarding collaboration. I feel fortunate to have had so many wonderful students over the years with whom an exchange of learning took place in both expected and unexpected ways. Thank you to Cecilia Esposito, Museum Director; and to David Driver, and the entire Museum Staff for their help in planning and installing this exhibition. Thank you, Norman Taber, for your elegant design work; Carole Slatkin, for your essay and constant support; Kathy Kuehn and Melanie Finlayson for your printing assistance; Roy Brinker for your splendid carpentry skills; and Tracy Honn for your thoughtful and ready advice.

Finally, I dedicate this exhibition to my beloved sister, Janet Fine. Janet has facilitated my growth as a person and as an artist throughout our lives. When we were children, at night in our bedroom, I told her the stories I made up. She listened to them, she liked them, and she asked for more. As an adult, she continues to support that story-telling, now in the form of prints, drawings and artistís books, in every way she can. My path would have been very different and far more difficult without her.

Diane Fine

This exhibition is funded in part by the Plattsburgh State Student Association, the Friends of Art, the George and Nina Winkel Endowment and the State of New York.

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