Beauty is—or ought to be—no big deal, though the lack of it is. Without regular events of beauty, we live estranged from all existence, including our own.

—Peter Schjeldahl
Signs and Wonders, an exhibition of books, prints, and paintings by Diane Fine, marks the artist’s twelfth year of teaching and art production at Plattsburgh. She has had a unique and lasting effect on our society.

Since her personality, life events, and production are all carefully integrated, her influence is pervasive and consciousness raising.

Content and meaning form the core of Ms. Fine’s art. She has something to say, to and from the spirit—as a feminist, as a member of both an immediate and extended family, as a member of society. The message is burnt into the image, which like a medieval symbol, enhances reverence with its artistic design.

The source of the message indicates a wide and varied search in all forms of experience. Ms. Fine is a brave, determined wanderer looking for meaning and truth and understanding of life wherever it may be.

This body of work is remarkable in its quality, quantity and clarity. What is even more remarkable is the realization that, in addition to bringing this history of a personal odyssey, it is the record of an influence on students—not to imitate Ms. Fine’s work—but to develop the maps and records of their own adventures.
—Edward R. Brohel
Museum Director

photo by Sue Lezon
Some powerful images I remember from my childhood were the stones I saw placed mysteriously on the markers of my grandparents’ and great-grandparents’ graves when I visited the cemetery with my family. My mother would say, “Someone’s been here. I wonder who?” After my mother died, I began collecting stones on my daily walks along the lake and farm roads where I live in upstate New York. Painting them to adorn her grave brought me comfort. Later, I used them in healing rituals for my sister.

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