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We are proud to host the exhibition, "Distant Geographies," which presents the work of three West Coast artists: Horatio Hung-Yan Law, Mario Laplante and Michael Starkman. This show presents three distinct artistic statements with important commonalities. The work shares an exquisite sensibility, which splices together different times, cultural origins and geographies. What does it mean to live in one place and time and create art about another? How do roots that reach across oceans, land masses and generations nourish these artists' unique and timely aesthetics? We hope this exhibition illuminates these questions, creates new ones in the process, and expands the viewers' notion of culture and place.

Co-curators: Edward R. Brohel
Museum Director
Plattsburgh State Art Museum
Diane Fine
Associate Professor, Art Department
Plattsburgh State University of New York


The Plattsburgh State Art Museum is comprised of over 4,500 works of art, representing numerous regions of the world, from the ancient to the contemporary. Works are displayed within our three main galleries, an outdoor sculpture park and exhibition areas throughout the campus. These facilities produce over twenty-five exhibitions a year of both a national and regional nature. Expanding upon the pluralistic ideal of Andre Malreaux's concept of a "Museum Without Walls," the Plattsburgh State Art Museum has become an open visual art resource for the College and the Champlain Valley/Adirondack Region.

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