September 10, 1999 through January 17, 2000
At The Burke Gallery

This exhibition of over sixty works takes a serious look at Russian Art at a critical juncture–the end of the millennium–in the history of the nation at its culture. The exhibition shows two contemporary tendencies: the development of traditional 20th century modernism starting with Russia's new avant-garde movement in the 1960's, and a new end-of-the-century Post-Modernism eclectic tending which uses traditional Russian avant-garde and constructivism combined with elements of deconstructivism.

Concentrating on work of the last 50 years, the exhibition also references the critical themes of the first half of the century, including works by Yuri Albert, Andrej Barov, Vitaly Dlugy, Alexander Drewchin, Gena Glass, Komar & Melamid, Irina Nakhova, Natalya Nesterova, Michael Odnoralov, Haralampi G. Oroschakoff, Oscar Rabin, Ilya Shenker, and Vladimir Yankilevsky.

Art is temporal. No matter how hard the artist tries, the art cannot be separated from its time. Whether in joyous partnership, defiant reaction, or complete isolation from the events of its history, artwork informs us of the driving spirits and passion of its age. If any society in the 20th century was driven by spirits and beliefs rather than personal and material concerns, it was Russia. From Tolstoy and Lenin to Yeltsin and Solzhenitsyn, the soul of mother Russia was in question. How better to have insight into our cataclysmic century than to look at the art which came from this cauldron.

We dedicate this exhibition at Plattsburgh Art Museum to Rockwell Kent on the 25th Anniversary of the Rockwell Kent Collection and Gallery. Rockwell Kent, by his support of Russian Art in the United States in the 1950's, fostered a free exchange of ideas during the depths of the Cold War and helped perpetuate the current international spirit.

This exhibition was organized by the Society for the Advancement of Understanding Post-Modern Russian Art, Inc., the Yager Museum; the Cultural Center for Soviet Refugees, Inc., and the International Foundation of Former Soviet States, Inc.

The exhibition is sponsored in part by the Student Association through the Campus Arts Council.

Edward R. Brohel, Director, Marguerite Eisinger, Education/Docent coordinator, Mary L. Beauharnois, Principal Clerk/Publicity, David Driver, Preparator

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