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Faculty Exhibition 2004
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Blush Porcelain Teapot
Blush Porcelain Teapot

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Berry Matthews

Opposites attract me I want stable forms to be moving the formal to be intimate, the serious, playful, the elegant, whimsical. My work attempts to combine contradiction and leave space for your discovery.

The teapots are made from liquid porcelain clay, poured onto plaster to harden into sheets. I use the sheets before they are stiff to form the teapots (much as you would use fabric to form a hat). I enjoy the challenge of changing the position of one part and how this forces me to reconsider each part and its relationship to the whole teapot. These small shifts keep me involved and give each teapot an individual vitality.

Click Thumbnail Image33. Blush Porcelain Teapot
6 x 7 x 5
Click Thumbnail Image34. Double Twisted Teapot
7 x 8 x 4
Click Thumbnail Image35. Black Top Teapot
6 x 9 x 3
Click Thumbnail Image36. Double Salmon Teapot
6 x 9 x 6
Click Thumbnail Image37. Small White Teapot
6 x 9 x 3
Click Thumbnail Image38. Book of Changes
porcelain and nails
38 x 31

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