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Faculty Exhibition 2004
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Everybody Loves McMoney
Everybody Loves McMoney

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David Powell

My medium of choice is collage. Whether images are physically cut and pasted or pixels are rearranged in Photoshop, the same aesthetic applies. I believe the medium is as appropriate for our time as it was when first employed to make artistic statements early in the last century by practitioners like Hannah Hφch, Raoul Hausmann and John Heartfield. We live in an era of rapid change, dislocation, fragmentation, bizarre cultural juxtapositions and dis-appearing nature.

The promises of science, technology and manufactured popular culture are increasingly revealing themselves to be void of substance and possible routes to fulfillment, yet an all-pervasive media continues to perpetrate the myth of satisfaction through consumption.

My work mines a rich field of imagery and icons provided by advertising and employs them to subvert this dominant myth and hopefully, inspire reflection on its false promises.

Click Thumbnail Image1. Muses in Ruin
mixed media on birch panel
23 ½” x 23 Ύ”
Click Thumbnail Image2. The Myth of Promise
mixed media on birch panel
12” x 12”
Click Thumbnail Image3. The Mystery of Flight
mixed media on birch panel
12” x 12”
Click Thumbnail Image4. Freedom of Choice
digital prints on birch panel
14” x 37 ½”
Click Thumbnail Image5. Myths America
mixed media on birch panel
15 ½” x 15 ½”
Click Thumbnail Image6. Excitingly New and Different
collage on birch panel
15 ½” x 15 ½”
Click Thumbnail Image7. Lost Youth
digital prints on birch panel
15” x 15”
Click Thumbnail Image8. Welcome to the Future
digital prints on birch panel
19” x 24 ½”

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