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Faculty Exhibition 2004
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Trinity: IBSTE
Trinity: IBSTE

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Rick Mikkelson

I paint and draw these images for a variety of purposes. The subjects have both personal connections and more universal symbolism. I initially respond to objects/spaces for their abstract potential--shape, color, form, space--and evocative power. Crossing signals stand like mysterious crosses or sentinels, set against bright light. The contrast of light and darkness runs through the works. Mysteries often exist in the shadows. Aesthetic order is paramount, and forms are rearranged and altered to create specific rhythms and balance. In the specific and the material I look for the universal and spiritual.

The tracks of the Great Northern railroad were two blocks from our house, and the crossing at fifth street separated us from school, church and uptown stores. We listened and watched for my father¹s locomotives, first steam, then diesel. We waited as long freights moved through the crossing. The Ridge offered nine-cent Saturday matinees, and provided color in the subdued land-scape. In this work there is brilliant summer light--a very positive note--but there are also barriers.

I sought a similar light in "Trinity: IBSTE." The path to the light is through shadow. The way is bordered by a tangle of cacti and geraniums. In the far distance is an area of shadowy forms. This path is very familiar. IBSTE, the Instituto Biblico y Seminario Teologico de Espana is in Castelldefels (Barcelona), Spain.

Click Thumbnail Image9. Trinity: Breckenridge, Shadows and Light
26” x 37”
Click Thumbnail Image10. Light: Ridge in Summer
16” x 22 ½”
Click Thumbnail Image11. Trinity: Castelldefels, Shadows and Light
pen & ink
28 ¼” x 37”
Click Thumbnail Image12. Trinity: IBSTE, Shadows and Light
pen & ink
28 ¼” x 37”
Click Thumbnail Image13. South Side Memories: Breckenridge
11" x 14"
Click Thumbnail Image14. Self Portrait
18 ¼” x 14 ¼”
Click Thumbnail Image15. Beginning the End
10 ¾” x 13 ½”
Click Thumbnail Image16. Tribulation
pen & ink
30 ¼” x 24 ¼”
Click Thumbnail Image30. Breckenridge
16 ¼” x 20 ¼”
Click Thumbnail Image31. Ridge in Summer
16 ¼” x 20 ¼”
Click Thumbnail Image32. Self Portrait with Glasses
32 ¼” x 26 ¼”

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