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Introducing Baby
Introducing Baby, photograph
Rebecca Soderholm

Introducing Baby
Princeton NJ
24" x 24", c-print

The most personal photographs I make document unsentimental relationships within families. When photographing, I look for body language, gestures and facial expressions, implied relationships between people and features of the environment that communicate my deepest feelings for humanity. I place people within the frame in a way that attempts to support the fleeting moment of a subjectís subtle expression. These Photographs result from an internal process of recognition and reaction.

The photograph "Introducing Baby" was made at a child's birthday party. Although the identity of the baby's mother is ambiguous, all four women become mother figures. Together they become an ancient maternal nest to which the baby is being introduced. The fairly neutral and monochromatic colors in the womenís clothing are similar to that of the background in this suburban New Jersey setting, and seem to suggest that the woman are connected to this place and time through color and light.

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