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The Burke Gallery is located in the Myers Fine Arts Building.
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Introduction by Diane Fine, Art Department Chaiperson

There is the day-to-day: my colleagues and I, teaching, advising, maintaining studios, ordering supplies, balancing our supply budgets, hosting visiting artists, recruiting new students, serving on campus committees, designing web-sites, contacting alumni, attending student events, compiling reports, meeting with administrators, assessing our curriculum, framing, shipping, and documenting our art work, staying abreast of changes in our fields--the list goes on, and it ends in our studios.

Our work in the studio, our life as artists, is central to our contribution to the college and our classrooms. It is through the creation of our own artistic statements that we gain empathy for and clarity about what we bring to our students. It is the place, too, where we bring what our students teach us. The discoveries we make interacting with fertile minds as we guide their creative process make us think and re-think our aesthetic and conceptual decisions on a regular basis.

I am proud to work with colleagues who are immersed in their art practice. Each voice is unique. No one style, idea, or philosophy is dominant. There is a range in our work from the highly conceptual to the richly formal, from primal marks with charcoal on paper to computer-generated digital images. This diversity allows our students to see the expansiveness of our choices and the potential for their own wide-ranging investigation as students and as artists.

This exhibition is an educational and a celebratory experience. On behalf of the art faculty I want to thank Ed Brohel, David Driver, Marge Coughlin and the rest of the Museum staff for their help on this project and for their overall cooperative and collaborative spirit throughout the year. Thanks, too, to Norman Taber for his design of this brochure, and to the rest of my colleagues for participating so fully and respectfully in this meaningful enterprise, this program of study we create together.

Introduction by Ed Brohel, Museum Director

Faculty must reach deep into themselves for the renewal of energy which keeps their classes alive and endlessly new -- new for the experience presented by each and every student. The visual indicators of this fusion of raw material and philosophy and manipulative ability is the faculty/artist's creative productions. Here in this exhibition is the visual evidence of the on-going conversions of our substance into art.

Students are taught twice by each faculty -- first for the development of their specific abilities and second by association with an evolving artist.

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