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Rockwell Kent III

Rockwell Kent III (1909-1986), who the family affectionately called Rocky, was Rockwell and Kathleen Kent's eldest child. He was the father of Clara Dennison and Chris Kent, who appear in this exhibition.

Rocky drew and painted as a child, often under the watchful eye of his father, however, he did not receive any formal arts training. He participated in the 1917 Society of Independent Artists exhibition in New York, along with his father and Aunt Dorothy, where he sold one painting -Nice Animals - to the artist Abraham Walkowitz. Rocky's drawings from his northern sojourn in 1918-1919 appeared with those of his father's at the Knoedler Galleries exhibit, The Alaska Drawings of Rockwell Kent. In 1952 Rocky experimented with glaze formulas with ceramist Barbara Ladd; he wrote about these findings in an article for Craft Horizons magazine.

Rocky, who was color blind, abandoned art in favor of the sciences. He eventually created Kent Laboratories, working in spectroscopy - the analysis of materials.

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View Larger Image 47. Untitled: Goat in Cabin. ca. 1918. Pen and ink on paper.
Image: 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 in.
View Larger Image 48. Untitled: Child's Adventure. ca. 1916-17. Mixed media.

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