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Alice Kent Stoddard Pearson

Alice Kent Stoddard Pearson (ca. 1885-1976), was the daughter of the Reverend James and Alice Kent Stoddard, and Kent's first cousin. She married the artist Joseph Thurman Pearson, Jr. in 1948.

Pearson studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts while William Merritt Chase, Thomas Anshutz, and Cecilia Beaux were her instructors. She also studied at the Philadelphia School of Design for Women. She was an associate member of the National Academy of Design and frequent exhibitor in the Academy's Annual Exhibitions and Annual Watercolor Exhibitions, where she regularly won prizes for her entries.

Pearson is remembered for her portraits of prominent educators, politicians, artists, and members of the legal profession. She also painted the landscape of Monhegan Island, Maine, where she spent many summers; on occasion her visits overlapped with Kents'.

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View Larger Image 42. Mending the Nets. 1922. Oil on canvas. Image: 30 x 25 in.

Loaned in Memory of George X. Schwartz.

Copyright Scott R. Ferris


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