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Cleveland Salter Rockwell

Cleveland Salter Rockwell (1837-1907), was the son of Edward and Matilda. DuPlessis Salter Rockwell, and brother of Kents' paternal grandmother, Matilda. Cleveland attended the "Polytechnic School at Troy" (NY), and the University of the City of New York. By 1856 he was appointed to the United States Coast Survey where he participated in surveying our country's expanding coastline, particularly in California and Oregon.

Though he spent most of his career surveying and charting the west coast, he began by documenting the topography of New York Harbor and the lower Hudson River, as well as other portions of the east coast. During the Civil War he served under William Tecumseh Sherman, in the Federal Army, making surveys of Confederate fortifications and the approaches to them. Following the war he was briefly commissioned in South America before returning to documenting the waterways from California to Alaska.

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View Larger Image 43. The Sugar Loaf. Hudson River. ca. 1862. Ink on paper.
Image: 6 x 8 in.
Collection, Plattsburgh State Art Museum, Rockwell Kent Gallery and Collection.
View Larger Image 44. Harrison Lake. 1893. oil on canvas. Image: 12 x 20 in.
Loan courtesy of Braarud Fine Art, La Conner, Washington.

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