Ten years...collage and works on paper
by George Hofmann

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1Click ThumbnailParoxysm 1990
2Click ThumbnailSnow 1990
3Click ThumbnailSunspot 1994
4Click ThumbnailRed Black 1994
5Click ThumbnailRed Bar Blue 1994
6Click ThumbnailIsleta 1994
7Click ThumbnailTu-zi goot, Crooked Water Apache 1994
8Click ThumbnailAwatobi, High Place of the Bow Hopi 1994
9Click ThumbnailColor, Southwest, 3 1994
10Click ThumbnailColor, Southwest 1994
11Click ThumbnailCollage 2003
12Click ThumbnailCollage 2003
13Click ThumbnailCollage 2003
14Click ThumbnailFront 2001
15Click ThumbnailSilverin 2001
16Click ThumbnailOuteredge 2001
17Click ThumbnailAzo Up 2001
18Click ThumbnailMesatop 2001
19Click ThumbnailWhat If? 2003
20Click ThumbnailIst? 2003
21Click ThumbnailStudy Series II, 2 2002- 2003
22Click ThumbnailStudy Series I, 22002
23Click ThumbnailStudy Series, Space 2002- 2003
24Click ThumbnailDesert and Snow2001
25Click ThumbnailCollage2003
26Click ThumbnailCollage2003
27Click ThumbnailCollage2003
28Click ThumbnailCollage2003
29Click ThumbnailCollage2003
30Click ThumbnailCollage2003
31Click ThumbnailCollage2003

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