Exhibition #: 86Catagory:BeliefDonor:Student Association
Traditional North Indian SculptureBattle Scene, Elephants & Warriors Relief17th centurysandstone

BELIEF: Creativity and divine inspiration are linked in the pantheon of human potentials. Where they meet, or rather separate, is the perception of each individual spirit. This we know-the arts have long visualized, formalized, enhanced, and in some cases, combined with belief to make concrete and physical, spiritual values and narrative. This group of works, which, in their time and place, carried distinct doctrinal functions can be viewed here from the way in which art enhanced their message and how the human instincts for concrete answers to the basic existential questions are answered. Once the golden calf is acknowledged, it takes many forms.
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juxtapositions . . .an exhibition of exploration -- the familiar and the unknown
Burke Gallery
February 12 through April 4, 1999
Daily Noon to 4 PM