Exhibition #: 108Catagory:VesselsDonor:John Hock
John HockPrometheus, 1995American, 20th centurycut and welded steel containers, 24'

See the feature page for the John Hock Installation in the Sculpture Park.

VESSELS: The point at which the functional sources of objects ends and the purely aesthetic or symbolic aspect of the work takes over is never clear, but intriguing. Vessels are among our earliest and most basic companion objects. The vessel replaces the hand as a means of transporting nutrition, particularly liquid. It eventually became a container for special materials-grain storage, reliquaries and ultimately an object of pleasure and beauty. This group of works, open-ended containers, displays commonalities and particularly visual decorative differences in various civilizations and eras. The inclusion of a gigantic contemporary sculpture-the composite of cut containers-expands the sensibility of the form.
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February 12 through April 4, 1999
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