Exhibition #: 62ACatagory:Human Form and Activity
ChineseTraditional Pottery Sculpture, T'ang, Equestrienne Rider,c. 1618 pottery w/polychrome

HUMAN FORM AND ACTIVITY: From the earliest scratchings on cave walls to the rough fetishes of Neolithic times, the human form, its movement, and our societal activities have been a primary subject of art. Some of the images are descriptive, others interpretive; some offer judgements and other values. Commonalities across cultures and eras are obvious, as are clear differences. Always in our mind in viewing these works is the creative aspect of the works. They are not the reality of the activities, but the artist's interpretation of the activity. Building on this thought, we realize that the process of visual creation is a reflective, evaluative comment and element in the dialogue of society.
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juxtapositions . . .an exhibition of exploration -- the familiar and the unknown
Burke Gallery
February 12 through April 4, 1999
Daily Noon to 4 PM