Exhibition #: 76Catagory:PhysiognomyDonor:Student Association
Thailand Traditional SculptureBuddha Head,18th centurybronze sand cast, 29"

PHYSIOGNOMY: The human head is the primary center of communication and identity. It incorporates the faculties of our uniqueness in time, emotion, and in intellectual ability. Within it are not only the processes of tribes but also of individuality; needless to say art would take this part of the human body as an essential element of creation. The artist can merely describe the variations of feeling, character, and thought that accompany us or use facial elements to comment on an individual or any collective situation. Some of the most important and treasured artworks are of the human face. They stand not only as comment but also as ideal objects of aspiration-tiny threads of value which link us on our journey.
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juxtapositions . . .an exhibition of exploration -- the familiar and the unknown
Burke Gallery
February 12 through April 4, 1999
Daily Noon to 4 PM