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juxtapositions . . .an exhibition of exploration -- the familiar and the unknown
Burke Gallery
February 12 through April 4, 1999
Daily Noon to 4 PM

Juxtapositions is a multicultural exploration of the visual similarities and contrasts of image, belief, technique and contexts in selections from, and recent gifts to, the permanent art collection at the Plattsburgh State Art Museum. Art is a critical indicator of social identity. It clarifies visual and cultural characteristics associated with various eras and areas of human history and creativity. The art exhibition, Juxtapositions, includes works from Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas-both ancient and contemporary in a great variety of mediums. Presented under various themes of a cultural or technical nature, the different art works convey insight and understanding that only confrontation with aesthetic objects can give. Cultural unfamiliarity falls away and knowledge expands to become inclusive while the individual viewer incorporates their personal reaction into the experience. This is the simple but compelling rationale for a permanent art collection at Plattsburgh State. The art collection began in the earliest days of the college under President Hawkins and has been developed continuously since then by artists, students, administration, faculty, and many generous donors. The most recent acquisitions are a group of works of diverse origin-Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, Thailand, Cameroon, New York City, Plattsburgh, and Bejing. Of special importance in achieving the variety of art present in this collection, particularly the historical material, is the role played by the Plattsburgh State Student Association. The support over the years of the Student Association has permitted the acquisition of some of the most unique works in the collection. This, combined with the generosity of many donors has created a critical mass of material which permits the educational value of this exhibition. This collection offers the viewer not only a structural tour of the past but also an opportunity to bring visual acuity to play in identifying connections and disconnections.

Recent Donors to the Plattsburgh State Art Collection include Peg & Wayne Byrne, President Horace Judson through Presidential purchases of student works, London Arts Group, the Norton Family, John Hock, Harry Gordon, Danny Kainz, Jon Isherwood, Moonkosh Press, Plattsburgh Art Museum Docents, and the Student Association Acquisitions Committee.