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In Celebration of the 75th Anniversary
of the Lakeside Press Edition of

Moby Dick or The Whale
By Herman Melville
Illustrated by
Rockwell Kent
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The Illustrations: Frame 6
Click Thumbnail# 6-1-1
Volume III, Chapter CXV, The Pequod Meets The Bachelor, p. 165

“Come aboard, come aboard!” cried the gay Bachelor’s commander, lifting a glass and a bottle in the air.”
Click Thumbnail# 6-1-2
Volume III, Chapter CXIX, The Candles, p. 175

“So, too, it is, that in these resplendent Japanese seas the mariner encounters the direst of all storms, the Typhoon. It will sometimes burst from out that cloudless sky, like an exploding bomb upon a dazed and sleepy town.
Click Thumbnail# 6-1-3
Volume III, Chapter CXXII, Midnight Aloft. – Thunder and Lightning, p. 188

[The main-top-sail yard. – Tashtego passing new lashings around it.]
Click Thumbnail# 6-2-1
Volume III, Chapter CXXVI, The Life-Buoy, p. 206

“…be that as it may, he was not long at his perch, when a cry was heard—a cry and a rushing—and looking up, they saw a falling phantom in the air; and looking sown, a little tossed heap of white bubbles in the blue of the sea.”
Click Thumbnail# 6-2-2
Volume III, Chapter CXXIX, The Cabin, p. 223

“Well then, fill up again, captains, and let’s drink shame upon all cowards! I name no names. Shame upon them! Put one foot upon the table. Shame upon all cowards.”
Click Thumbnail# 6-2-3
Volume III, Chapter CXXXIII, The Chase—First Day, p. 245

“…furious with this tantalizing vicinity of his foe, which placed him all alive and helpless in the very jaws he hated; frenzied with all this, he seized the long bone with his naked hands, and wildly strove to wretch it from its gripe. As now he thus vainly strove, the jaw slipped from him; the frail gunwales bent in, collapsed, and snapped, as both jaws, like an enormous shears, sliding further aft, bit the craft completely in twain,…
Click Thumbnail# 6-2-4
Volume III, Chapter CXXXIII, The Chase—First Day, p. 238

“There she blows!—there she blows! A hump like a snow-hill! It is Moby Dick!”
Click Thumbnail# 6-3-1
Volume III, Chapter CXXXIII, The Chase—First Day, p. 252

“Then advancing towards the doubloon in the main-mast—“Men, this gold is mine, for I earned it; but I shall let it abide here till the White Whale is dead; and then, whosoever of ye first raises him, upon the day he shall be killed, this gold is that man’s; and if on that day I shall again raise him, then, ten times its sum shall be divided among all of ye!”
Click Thumbnail# 6-3-2
Volume III, Chapter CXXXIV, The Chase—Second Day, p. 253

“…much nearer to the shop than the place of the imaginary jet, less than a mile ahead—Moby Dick bodily burst into view! For not by any calm and indolent spoutings; not by the peaceable gush of that mystic fountain in his head, did the White Whale now reveal his vicinity; but by the far more wondrous phenomenon of breaching. Rising with his utmost velocity from the furthest depths, the Sperm Whale thus booms his entire bulk into the pure element of air,…”
Click Thumbnail# 6-3-3
Volume III, Chapter CXXXV, The Chase—Third Day, p.265

“Lashed round and round to the fish’s back; pinioned in the turns upon turns in which, during the past night, the whale had reeled the involutions of the lines around him, the half torn body of the Parsee was seen; his sable raiment frayed to shreds; his distended eyes turned full upon old Ahab.”

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