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Introduction Exhibition at the Burke Gallery Museum Without Walls

The Plattsburgh State Art Museum and The Plattsburgh College Foundation present an exhibition of works gifted by The Louis K. Meisel Gallery, NYC

The exhibition takes place in the Burke Gallery from July 28, 2001 to September 15, 2001, open daily from noon to 4-pm. The exhibition also encompasses Museum Without Walls installations at locations across campus, which are available beyond the exhibition dates and hours at the Burke Gallery.

Louis K. Meisel Gallery is primarily interested in finding, exhibiting and promoting art that requires skilled craftsmanship, discipline, historic knowledge, and a high level of quality. This quality, as defined by the standards which have been developed over 3,000 years of world art history, ignores the politically correct, multi-cultural "just express yourself" attitudes of the last quarter of the twentieth century.

The primary movement, founded by the gallery, is Photorealism. We have always supported the group of artists and will continue to be its intellectual and economic support. This group includes Charles Bell, Ron Kleemann, and Richard Estes.

The gallery also has dealt with a group of artists whose work, while being abstract, has concerned itself with the illusion of three-dimensional space in painting. George D. Green is the strongest artist in this continuing area of invention, which also includes Jack Lembeck and James Harvard.

The gallery is now looking back to the great artists of the twentieth century who were called illustrators, with particular interest in the paintings of the Pin-up genre of the 1930's to 1960's. Our intention is to blur the line between fine art and illustration, if not eliminate it entirely. Some of the great artists of this genre are Gil Elvgren, Rolf Armstrong and Billy Devorss.

The gallery is entering its 29th year. There are less than 20 contemporary galleries in existence that predate us, with a continuous staff and point of view, and we feel that we are only nearing our halfway point with important and exciting work to come. -Louis K. Meisel Gallery

The Plattsburgh State Art Museum receives significant support through the Plattsburgh College Foundation, a not for profit corporation created to seek, accept and manage private gifts to Plattsburgh State University. Gifts to the foundation provide some operating funds and have created an endowment designed to support conservation and exhibitions of the permanent art collection. Additionally, almost the entire collection has been developed thanks to gifts from private individuals.

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The Plattsburgh State Art Museum is comprised of over 4,500 works of art, representing numerous regions of the world, from the ancient to the contemporary. Works are displayed within our three main galleries, an outdoor sculpture park and exhibition areas throughout the campus. These facilities produce over twenty-five exhibitions a year of both a national and regional nature. Expanding upon the pluralistic ideal of Andre Malreaux's concept of a "Museum Without Walls," the Plattsburgh State Art Museum has become an open visual art resource for the College and the Champlain Valley/Adirondack Region.

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