Twenty Years in Plattsburgh, 1985-2005

Photo of sculpture, Cracked Whitehouse
Cracked Whitehouse, 2004,
redux of Tony Berlant's Cracked Whitehouse,
steel, 27" x 30" x 48", Photo Credit: Neal Keach

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Essay by David Colosi
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Introduction by Edward Brohel, Museum Director

This exhibition and catalogue show many aspects of Don Osborn's creative life and work in the Art Department at Plattsburgh State from 1985 to 2005. Primarily, we see the art itself - a careful evolution of form and meanings, balancing each other and gaining strength from the tension of contradiction which pervades the oeuvre. After being absorbed by this vision of artistic completeness - a statement and a transaction, the attendant aspects of the production of this remarkable artist/teacher begin to become clear. David Colosi speaks for himself, but also represents the excellence and clarity and commitment to art of so many of Don's students. The highest standards and uncompromising clarity of his sculpture was and is transmitted to his students and finally creates an environment of quality through his work with other artists and the college's Museum, as seen in the Plattsburgh State Sculpture Park.
Don's work at Plattsburgh is complete, not that we do not expect great statements in the future, but the ideas with which he arrived and the unified force field he presents us with as he finishes these twenty years are the same beliefs and interaction with reality only simpler, and tighter, and more profound.

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