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Ann Pember and Mina Angelos

Mina Angelos, Set For Breakfast
Mina Angelos, Set For Breakfast, watercolor

Mina Angelos, The Breakfast Table
Mina Angelos, The Breakfast Table, watercolor

Mina Angelos, The Dining Room
Mina Angelos, The Dining Room, watercolor

Mina Angelos, The Pastry Shop
Mina Angelos, The Pastry Shop, watercolor

Mina Angelos, The National Gallery
Mina Angelos, The National Gallery, watercolor

Mina Angelos, Wedding Day
Mina Angelos, Wedding Day, watercolor

Mina Angelos, Waiting
Mina Angelos, Waiting, watercolor

Mina Angelos, Breakfast Time
Mina Angelos, Breakfast Time, watercolor

Ann Pember, Lovely Lotus
Ann Pember, Lovely Lotus, watercolor

Ann Pember, Dynamic Dahlia
Ann Pember, Dynamic Dahlia, watercolor

Ann Pember, Anniversary Orchid
Ann Pember, Anniversary Orchid, watercolor

Ann Pember, Phenomenal Phlox
Ann Pember, Phenomenal Phlox, watercolor

Ann Pember, Symphony
Ann Pember, Symphony, watercolor

Ann Pember, Powerful Peony
Ann Pember, Powerful Peony, watercolor

Ann Pember, Pansy Perfection
Ann Pember, Pansy Perfection, watercolor

Ann Pember, Dahlia Duo
Ann Pember, Dahlia Duo, watercolor

Ann Pember, Dazzling Dahlia
Ann Pember, Dazzling Dahlia, watercolor

Ann Pember, Celebration
Ann Pember, Celebration, watercolor

Ann Pember, Sun-kissed Hollyhock
Ann Pember, Sun-kissed Hollyhock, watercolor

Mina Angelos, Red Water Lily
Mina Angelos, Red Water Lily, watercolor

Mina Angelos, Lotus
Mina Angelos, Lotus, watercolor

Mina Angelos, Woodland Sunflower
Mina Angelos, Woodland Sunflower, watercolor

Mina Angelos, Yellow Crocus
Mina Angelos, Yellow Crocus, watercolor

Mina Angelos, White Echinacea
Mina Angelos, White Echinacea, watercolor

Mina Angelos, Pink Echinacea
Mina Angelos, Pink Echinacea, watercolor

Ann Pember, Story Time
Ann Pember, Story Time, watercolor

Ann Pember, Museo Majestuoso
Ann Pember, Museo Majestuoso, watercolor

Ann Pember, Sunday Morning
Ann Pember, Sunday Morning, watercolor

Ann Pember, Transportation
Ann Pember, Transportation, watercolor

Mina Angelos, Waiting for Spring Tide
Mina Angelos, Waiting for Spring Tide, watercolor

Ann Pember, Dappled Sun
Ann Pember, Dappled Sun, watercolor

Ann Pember, Fall- Saranac Lake
Ann Pember, Fall- Saranac Lake, watercolor

Ann Pember, Snowy Peaks
Ann Pember, Snowy Peaks, watercolor

Ann Pember, Adirondack Memory
Ann Pember, Adirondack Memory, watercolor

Ann Pember, Dancing Water
Ann Pember, Dancing Water, watercolor

Ann Pember, Spring Flow
Ann Pember, Spring Flow, watercolor

Ann Pember, River Reverie
Ann Pember, River Reverie, watercolor

Ann Pember, Forest Sanctuary
Ann Pember, Forest Sanctuary,

Ann Pember, Cascade on the Ausable
Ann Pember, Cascade on the Ausable, watercolor

Ann Pember, Go With The Flow
Ann Pember, Go With The Flow, watercolor

Mina Angelos, Springfield Art Museum
Mina Angelos, Springfield Art Museum, watercolor

Mina Angelos, The Conference
Mina Angelos, The Conference, watercolor

Mina Angelos, Crocker Gallery
Mina Angelos, Crocker Gallery, watercolor

Mina Angelos, Museum Study
Mina Angelos, Museum Study, watercolor

Mina Angelos, The View Gallery
Mina Angelos, The View Gallery, watercolor

Mina Angelos, At the Hyde
Mina Angelos, At the Hyde, watercolor

Ann Pember, Ineffable Iris
Ann Pember, Ineffable Iris, watercolor

Ann Pember, Irresistible Iris
Ann Pember, Irresistible Iris, watercolor

Mina Angelos, Waiting for the Crowd
Mina Angelos, Waiting for the Crowd, watercolor

Mina Angelos, Chloe’s Morning Solitude
Mina Angelos, Chloe’s Morning Solitude, watercolor

Mina Angelos, Fuchsia II
Mina Angelos, Fuchsia II, watercolor

Mina Angelos, Iris
Mina Angelos, Iris, watercolor

Mina Angelos, Crocus II
Mina Angelos, Crocus II, watercolor

Mina Angelos, Crocus III
Mina Angelos, Crocus III, watercolor

Mina Angelos, Dogwood Blossoms II
Mina Angelos, Dogwood Blossoms II, watercolor

Mina Angelos, Delphinium
Mina Angelos, Delphinium, watercolor

Mina Angelos, Double Rainbow
Mina Angelos, Double Rainbow, watercolor

Mina Angelos, Dogwood Blossoms I
Mina Angelos, Dogwood Blossoms I, watercolor

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July 10 - September 13, 2015

Joseph C. & Joan T. Burke Gallery
Myers Fine Arts Building
SUNY Plattsburgh
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