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“Rockwell Kent was one of those who truly lived more lives than one. Into his long life he crammed more careers than any ordinary man would seriously contemplate. Painter, muralist, illustrator, printmaker, book designer, graphic artist, architect and builder, writer and editor, speaker and lecturer navigator and restless traveler, political and social activist—he was all these and much more.”
“This is not to say that he was merely a jack-of-all-trades. As a painter, he won critical acclaim and his canvases were acquired by important museums and discriminating collectors. He was the first artist to incorporate himself, paying his shareholders handsome dividends. From long sojourns in Alaska, Tierra del Fuego, and Greenland, among others, he brought back powerful paintings and vivid accounts of his experiences. The romantic appeal of the paintings and the circumstances of their production in faraway places brought large crowds to see them. Perhaps no other American artist before him had so graphically expressed the sense of remoteness and awesome splendor of the Arctic.”                    Fridolf Johnson, A Kent Biography
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Thumbnail Image1. Once Upon a Time
Thumbnail Image2. AuSable Valley, View of Whiteface, Fall
Thumbnail Image3. Blackhead, Monhegan
Thumbnail Image4. And Women Must Weep or Shipwreck, Coast of Ireland
Thumbnail Image5. Memorial Day, Monhegan
Thumbnail Image6. Trees
Thumbnail Image7. Woman Kneeling, Newfoundland
Thumbnail Image8. Olive Trees, France
Thumbnail Image9. House of Dread, Newfoundland
Thumbnail Image10. Recumbent Nudes with Ringed Sun
Thumbnail Image11. Winter Sunrise or Winter Sunrise, Adirondacks
Thumbnail Image12. Untitled (Mountian Landscape) date
Thumbnail Image13. Admiralty Sound, Tierra de Fuego
Thumbnail Image14. December Eighth
Thumbnail Image15. Cabin Window, Alaska
Thumbnail Image16. Gull Rock
Thumbnail Image17. Irish Sun
Thumbnail Image18. Greenland Child
Thumbnail Image19. Eskimo Woman Skinning a Pelt, Greenland
Thumbnail Image20. Godhavn
Thumbnail Image21. Dogs Resting
Thumbnail Image22. Frozen Fall, Alaska
Thumbnail Image23. Highways (Greenland)
Thumbnail Image24. Asgaard Jerseys
Thumbnail Image25. Ausable River Rapids
Thumbnail Image26. Abandoned Farm
Thumbnail Image27. And This My Child, Is Where Your Mother Was Born
Thumbnail Image28. Vermont Mountains, Summer
Thumbnail Image29. Self-Portrait
Thumbnail Image30. Sally
Thumbnail Image31. Sally or Sally By the Sea
Thumbnail Image32. Christmas
Thumbnail Image33. Study for US Post Office Mural - Alaska
Thumbnail Image34. Woodsman
Thumbnail Image35. Unfinished Landscape, Greenland
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