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Painting, Admiralty Sound, Tierra de Fuego 13. Admiralty Sound, Tierra de Fuego
1922 or 1923
oil on panel, 15-1/2 x 20"
signed lower right "Rockwell Kent"

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Tierra del Fuego is by far the largest island at the extreme tip os south America…Late in May, 1922, Kent left on a freighter bound for Chile where he bought a life boat and transformed it into a sailing vessel…The Kathleen…

“The northern coast of Admiralty Sound is an immense sheer mountain wall of rock. Between its towered and buttressed summits the glaciers hang suspended, and the water of their melting snows pours in cascades and rivulets down a thousand feet to the sea. You are nothing in a little boat beneath those terrifying heights.”

Voyaging by Rockwell Kent

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