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Painting, And Women Must Weep or Shipwreck, Coast of Ireland 4. And Women Must Weep or Shipwreck, Coast of Ireland
oil on canvas, 28-3/4 x 44-1/2"
signed lower right "Rockwell Kent"

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At least two prints went by the same name as this painting, one a lithograph on stone 10 3/8" x 7 ¾", 1937.

The narrative element of this poem reflects the subject matter and mood of the print for which it was named:

"Woman must weep.
Shadows must fall
On the troubled sleep
That comes to all.

Waking, in tears
Have vanished the leep.
Forgotten the years
Women must weep.

Forget the sorrow.
Let go the deep
Fear of tomorrow
And sleep – and sleep. "

By Ann Batchelder

“Shipwreck, Coast of Ireland, with which parallels in subject matter and composition can be drawn with Homer’s Perils of the Sea or High Seas.”

Richard West, exhibition catalogue titled Rockwell Kent – The Early Years

“Giwnough sloped gently towards the ocean to terminate at a steep-banked cove flanked by great masses of rock that had withstood the sea’s erosion; and these were backed by headlands that approached a thousand feet in height.”

It’s Me O Lord by Rockwell Kent

“There is a deeply satisfying finality about land’s end. Gone is that everlasting urge the island traveler feels to journey on and on; there are not further peaks to beckon you; you have attained the absolute.”

It’s Me O Lord by Rockwell Kent

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